Monday, September 21, 2009

Two Foods at a Time

Buffalo Chicken Pizza from Ian's Pizza

Sit down for this one folks, it's quite the shocker. In a world where we as pizza lovers are fighting over what type of crust is the "best ever in the whole wide world!" we can all agree Buffalo wings are the perfect side dish to any pizza. What would happen if we put aside our crusty differences, took our delicious wings and put it on top of the pizza? Some say disaster. Some say strange. Some say "Let's go drink till we puke!" I say, "Frickin Magic!"

Ian's Pizza (3463 N Clark St. did just that. This pizza delights all taste buds. Let's start from the bottom, up. The crust is hand tossed to a perfect thickness. Sure, it's pretty tasty, but it serves a bigger purpose than that. If it wasn't for the crust, you would be holding the saucy, cheesy, goodness that rocks your face in the palm of your hand. It also absorbs the Creme Fraiche sauce pretty darn well. You heard me. Creme Fraiche. Translation: Fresh Cream. Wow. Just wow. On top of that creamy heaven is a perfect amount of Mozzarella cheese - just enough to say, "Hey, you're eating pizza!" not, "Hey, you're eating a brick of cheese with bread stuck to it!" Then comes the deliciously sauced chunks of grilled chicken. The buffalo sauce used is a little spicy but has a great balance of hotness to vinegar-ness. I wish they would make straight up wings, its so good. Along side the chicken chunks is the best part of this whole pizza - melted bleu cheese. The strong, karate chop you in the mouth taste of the bleu cheese magically melds this party of random flavors together, making one big, cohesive, super flavor. If this pizza was Voltron the bleu cheese would be Commander Keith (the Black Lion), everything connects to it.

*WARNING* If you do not like bleu cheese, you will not like this Pizza.

If you like bleu cheese, you will love this Pizza.

This is one of those foods that you have on Monday, don't give it another thought on Tuesday or Wednesday, but on Thursday when you're minding your own business, it hits you like old people hit free coffee. You have to have it. And you should. Go there. Get this.

I give this pizza 5 out of 5 Commander Keith's

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