Tuesday, September 15, 2009

If Good Morning America said it...

The Rockit Burger

I'm not fancy enough to have eaten this burger. Rockit Bar and Grill's menu describes this plate as "declared 'best burger' by Good Morning America. kobe beef, melted brie, fried shallots, medjool date aioli, truffle fries." There's three foreign words and the mention of truffles in that description - too upper class for me! Regardless of its social economic class, the menu is no liar. The onion roll is stuffed with all that hoity-toity food.

I feel that it was a little too much for the awesome taste of the ground Kobe beef. Don't get me wrong, I liked it - a lot - but I think the aioli (rich people's Miracle Whip) just added grease to an already greasy meal and the fried shallots (rich people's onion straws) added too much flavor. I was burping up the shallots all night. The really bad kind of burps you can smell three minutes after the event. I wanted to burp up the Kobe Beef all night instead. I wouldn't have cared if people hated the smell of my gassy face and didn't want to be around me all night. I would have sat happily in a corner by myself drinking something bubbly trying to relive that taste. Halfway through the sandwich I realized that it was the rich, perfectly cooked meat itself making it awesome, so I took off all the lipstick and rouge, including the onion roll, and went to town! Good Morning America is ill informed of burgers in America. While this is an extremely tasty burger, it is by no means one of the best in Chicago, let alone the whole Red, White and Moo (I hate me for keeping that pun in here).

On the other hand, if they said "Best fries in America" they would have hit the nail on the head! If you do go to one of the Rockit Bar and Grills (22 W Hubbard or 3700 N Clark, Chicago) spend the extra $3 to upgrade your fries to the ones fried in Truffle oil. Many thanks go out to all the little piggies that found those truffles for my taters.

I give this Burger 4 out of 5 truffle piggies

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